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About GoCloudWiFi

GoCloudWifi is a secure, legally compliant, public Wi-Fi that delivers real-time customer analytics and marketing tools that enhances customer experience while allowing you to upsell services.

Your customers can login for free and with ease using their existing social media accounts or by a short form on your own fully customized and branded splash screen.  Once they have logged in, you will have access to detailed information about your customers, such as age, gender, dwell time and how they interact with your brand and business.

Armed with customer information

Armed with this customer information, you can now target relevant marketing campaigns and send personalized offers and vouchers – reward your loyal customers with

  • freebies
  • encourage a next visit with special discounts
  • increase your social network presence with promos
  • make customers feel special on important occasions
  • generate excitement with exclusive offers and much more

You can also generate new revenue streams by offering a range of sponsorship packages for your WiFi and splash pages at less busy times to your suppliers or other 3rd party advertisers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Eager to learn more?  Call us at 1800 883 945 or

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