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What is GoCloudWIFI?

GoCloudWIFI allows your customers to use your internet connection ‘wirelessly’ and for no monetary fee. In order to access your wireless connection, they must sign-in via their chosen social network website such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or by completing a form. In doing so you’re able to capture details of your customers and with their permission, promote your business to them and their online friends.

Which social media channels does GoCloudWIFI offer?

Customers can currently log on through the use of the following Social Media.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Weibo
  • VK

What if my customers don’t use social media?

There is also an option for users to fill in our quick registration form to gain access for free, this is a quick simple process.

Can I see how many of my customers are actually using GoCloudWIFI?

Yes, you have access to our analytics dashboard – the GoCloudWiFi Portal and you can view a selection of reports and data, based on the number of users you have had over any given period of time. You’ll also find a number of other very useful marketing tools.

Will my personal internet be secure?

Yes, we separate your personal and business internet connection from the connection provided for customers over GoCloudWIFI, so it’s completely secure and protected. 

Does GoCloudWIFI meet with the current legal requirements?

GoCloudWIFI complies with the current laws and guidelines for providing a public WiFi hotspot. You will also find additional security and content filtering is available, please ask us how.

Can I install GoCloudWIFI in all my venues?

Yes, you can install GoCloudWIFI at as many of your business venues as you like. What’s more, you can view reports and data for your business as a whole, or by specific venues.

I have three access points, does this affect the service I need to buy?

If you have more than one access point you will need to either buy a GoCloudWIFI hotspot router or download the appropriate software for the routers you are already using, for each access point.

Which countries will the system work in?

GoCloudWIFI will work in any country.