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Restaurant and Cafés

Having free WiFi in your Restaurant and Café these days is expected, and can mean the difference between the crowd dropping in, and the crowd dropping out to the guys next door who have it. But more than likely, you already have WiFi on premise anyway, you may already have a log in up on the Chalkboard and will have customers asking your team, “Hey, what’s your WiFi Log In guys?”

Why not use your WiFi and promote your brand?

Restaurants and Cafés are the perfect venues to offer free WiFi. Think about it, when you give your guest free access to the internet, they can catch up on email for sure, but what most of them do is update their social media accounts and status. Using GoCloudWiFi in your premise is perfect, because when they do, they also promote your venue through likes and status updates. What better way to promote your business than have your customers tell their friends where they are through “check-ins”, what they are eating, drinking, or the music they are listening to all while promoting your great venue?

What’s better, it allows their friends and followers to easily find them and hopefully come and join them for drinks, coffee, a meal or chat. All more foot traffic for your Restaurant and Café.

But it Gets Better

Now your Customers are using GoCloudWifi your venue can see who is visiting and when and how often. You can now get to know your customers better, and reward them with promotional campaigns, event updates and give them surprise offers like a bottle of wine with their meal, a free dessert or coffee, or a special meal discount.

Make your WiFi work for you as well.

So you now have GoCloudWifi up and running and your customers are enjoying the service and promoting your great venue, how about getting your suppliers on board to promote their offerings? This can present you another revenue stream as your suppliers and drinks promoters engage you with exclusive promotions for limited periods, which through the information you have already captured, you can quickly in minutes send out a broadcast offer to your loyal customers. Great for when it looks like starting out as a slow Friday afternoon, what better way to rally your customers than to send out a personal exclusive offer for them and their friends on a loyalty splash.

Make your Customers Feel like Family

Now you have GoCloudWifi up and running, your customers can easily pre-book a table, look over the latest menu inclusions online and encourage their friends and contacts to come and join them. So why not monetise you’re existing WiFi investment, improve your customer service and enjoy the rewards to your venue and business

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