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How can GoCloudWiFi work for Casinos?

John and his colleagues are enjoying an office night out at a casino, which offers free WiFi. A few of the group are out to win big, but most are happy just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy playing for fun. The free WiFi means that John can post updates to his social networks whenever he wants, creating a real buzz about the venue.

He also receives special offers on food and great value promotions on drinks, so he decides to buy a round for his colleagues. The casino can also keep John up to date with personalised information such opening and closing times, forthcoming events, news and even where to get a taxi at the end of the night. As it is his birthday next month, he also receives a special deal on drinks for his next visit.

How can Casinos use GoCloudWiFi

Personalised Offers- Casinos could use the provision of WiFi to send personalised offers to their guests. These offers would be based on loyalty or by demographics such as age and gender. For example, a regular guest may receive a discount on drinks or food at the casino. Using location based services allows us to take the concept of personalised offers one step further - when a guest ispassing through a specific area in the casino they may receive an offer for a specific gaming app or a local hotel. In this way, casinos can monetize their WiFi service by attracting third party advertisers.

Private events - Private conferences and events are an important source of revenue for casinos and connectivity is a must for delegates. Using free WiFi means that they can stay connected and the venue can easily share relevant information such as the agenda or the hashtag the organisers are using to promote the event on social media.

Wayfinding apps - It’s possible to develop a wayfinding app, which could interactively direct guests around the casino and point them to the gaming tables, restaurant, bars and hotel. You could even monetize this app by offering sponsorship opportunities to local businesses.

Social engagement - providing free WiFi makes it easy for guests to share their experience of the casino with their friends on social media. The WiFi would easily support video and photo uploads, which are a great way to spread the word to wider social networks and create a real buzz about your venue. This would work particularly well in conjunction with access posts, which allows you to ask your guests to post a message to their timeline when they log in.

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