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Free WiFi in your Pub & Bar is today expected to be on offer, just as the large screen in the corner showing todays leading sports games results is easily accessible by your customers.

Jason, Sally and a group of their friends are enjoying a night out in town, at their local Pubs and Bars and having a few quite drinks to celebrate their engagement. One of the bars they visit has free GoCloudWiFi, so Sally takes the opportunity to post a few pictures from the evening to her Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

After Sally logged in using GoCloudWiFi she could view the bar’s drinks promotions on the splash screen and decided to buy a round of drinks for her and Jason’s friends. Checking in and Liking the bars site through her Facebook login, some of Sally’s friends she had missed earlier in the day at the office, could see where Jason and Sally were now and decided to head over and join them.

Sally received a personalised message with details on weekly specials coming up at the bar for the following week, and a promotional offer for her to enjoy a complimentary bottle of house wine on her next visit during the month.

How can bars monetise WiFi?

Personalised Offers - Access to real-time marketing information means that bars can send out personalised offers and vouchers to customers at specific times. Offers can even be triggered according to the number of times a person has visited the venue, so loyalty can be rewarded with a special discount. For example, a bar could send an e-shot to all customers offering a bottle of wine on the house for frequent visitors, or tell them about the next month’s entertainment program.

Sell Promotional Space - Once you have established your GoCloudWiFi, you can have your vendors and suppliers promote their offeres through eShots and on your Splash Page, allowing you an additional promotional income stream.

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