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Sports & Stadiums

Sports & Stadiums

What better than a captured audience in a Sporting Event and at a Stadium. People are enjoying themselves in social surrounds with their favourite teams, friends and family and are keen to get online to share photos and status updates. You could probably not get a better opportunity to promote your business than at a social sporting event and a stadium.

Business Benefits

The ability to drive additional revenue through offering real time food and beverage coupons is no longer a wish but a true capability in real-time engagement directly with your events fans and customers.

Whilst the big advertisers opt for the Big Screen adverts and promotions, using GoCloudWiFi you can be the connector between the Advertiser [Content] and the Customer [WiFi Delivery of Content] to the small screens in the hand of all your customers at the event, which is powerful.

Add on top of that the enhanced Social media engagement, the valuable analytics, and the return customers that you can readily send updates to on new events and you can see the benefits that GoCloudWiFi can bring to your Event and Stadium.

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