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For healthcare organisations and hospitals, providing free WiFi helps in the management of resources, to communicate information to patients and also to receive valuable feedback. Not all healthcare facilities are for the elderly or infirmed, in fact healthcare facilities are attended by all form the very young to the very elderly.

Common however too many healthcare facilities is the amount of waiting time that patients often have to endure whilst waiting to see care providers. Rather than offering your customers and patients those two year old magazines in the waiting area, why not provide them free WiFi whilst they wait. This allows you to also be more proactive in promoting other services to your customers and patients through your personal Splash pages.

Updating them on your latest offerings on Health & Nutrition trends, general well-being and new services ensures that your customers and patients feel connected to your healthcare organisation.

For the larger healthcare organisations and hospitals, WiFi will revolutionise the way services are provided. From allowing patients to wayfinding their way around the hospital, to real-time patient notes, the possibilities for healthcare organisations are endless.

How can WiFi be used in healthcare?

Reassurance for patients - Some doctors’ appointments and hospital consultations can be a daunting prospect for patients. WiFi allows the healthcare centre to provide reassurance in a number of ways. Firstly, way-finding tools can point patients to the right department and direct them to the waiting area, saving time and reducing stress. Secondly, patients can access detailed information and advice about what to expect during their appointment, putting them at ease. Of course, patients can also browse the Web at their leisure whilst they wait.

Feedback on services - In a sector where everything is driven by targets and patient satisfaction, it’s important to get meaningful feedback. Using the WiFi solution means that healthcare centres can ask for feedback on services via e-shots whilst the patient is waiting for their appointment, or when they get home.

Personalised offers and patient information - Providing WiFi gives you the opportunity to provide a more personalised experience for patients. For example, dentists could send offers for teeth whitening or email information about their dental plan. GP surgeries can also point people to different services and information depending on their age and gender.

Smart resource allocation - Healthcare providers are always conscious of the expenses involved in allocating resources, so it’s important to ensure they are used effectively. For example, large hospitals could use WiFi technology to track wheelchairs, allowing staff to locate them easily and reducing instances of equipment going missing. Presence analytics also identify which rooms are being used the most, so the hospital can adjust resources accordingly.

Appointment reminders - Non-attendance is a big problem for healthcare providers and costs a lot of money. In comparison, the expense of using WiFi to send appointment reminders is relatively small. You can choose when to send reminders and ask patients to confirm attendance.

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