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WiFi is no longer a luxury for Resorts & Hotels, it is in reality a necessity. Today’s guests, whether travelling for business or pleasure, expect to be able to check-in and readily access WiFi and most guests now expect it for Free. In fact hospitality surveys have shown that guests value free WiFi more than they value breakfast included.

Hoteliers by using GoCloudWiFi can see a return on investment from providing free guest WiFi, and hence no longer needs to only add cost to your business and service offerings.

How can Resorts & Hotels use GoCloudWiFi?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - except when there’s free WiFi! - With consumers now actively searching for free WiFi in Resorts & Hotels when sorting their travel arrangements online, the hotels industry needs to update its WiFi policy and look at new ways of getting something back in return. Some operators have been slow to move from viewing WiFi as a revenue stream to a free service but the tide has turned with consumers stating that free WiFi is more important to them than a complimentary breakfast.

Keep guests informed –Resorts & Hotels are the ideal environment for installing WiFi hotspots. It gives hoteliers the edge when it comes to increasing revenues through targeted marketing that will drive recommendations and repeat business. GoCloudWiFi can capture detailed data around footfall, movement around the public areas and frequency of online activity, all of which helps managers to create engaging and extremely targeted marketing campaigns.

Drive revenue - When guests go online they’re met with a customised splash page promoting offers such as spa treatments and menus - or whatever else the venue wants to promote. There is no long form to fill in to register for free WiFi and ideally people will login using their social networking profiles, allowing them to share your Resort or Hotel with their friends and followers, providing you an enhanced social media engagement.

Wayfinding - Providing public WiFi also means that hoteliers can guide guests around the immediate area with Wayfinder Apps. These apps would use an interactive map to point guests to local places of interest and tourist attractions.

How can Resorts & Hotels monetise WiFi?

It’s become expected for hoteliers to offer free WiFi for their guests, but historically there has not been much benefit for the provider.

Not only does the GoCloudWiFi solution add extra value for hotels by offering real-time marketing analytics, we also offer tiered bandwidth solutions. Tiered bandwidth creates a monetary return on investment by charging guests for WiFi use. The solution can be tailored to your client according to:

Time - Hotels can set a certain amount of time when WiFi is free (for example, 30 minutes) but when the limit is reached and usage continues, a charge to the guest is incurred.

Bandwidth and speed - The hotel can set limits on guest WiFi, with charges for higher speed and bandwidth use. For example, a guest who is simply checking their emails or browsing online will not use much bandwidth and therefore will not be charged, but a guest utilising high bandwidth for movie downloads may be charged.

Talk to us and we will help guide you on how GoCloudWiFi can help grow your business.

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