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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

All over the world, Smart Cities are taking the lead using WiFi solutions and technologies to provide enhanced public services to residents and visitors alike. This is allowing Smart Cities to allocate their limited resources far more effectively and provide a great customer experience.

Smart Cities that are using WiFi technology understand that City-wide connectivity is a catalyst for the impending boom of the Internet of Things which we are already see grow at phenomenal growth rates.

Challenges of Smart Cities.

  • Desire to provide secure, fast and free WiFi in key city centres.
  • Provide free WiFi on Bus, Tram and Rail routes.
  • Enable better connectivity for residents and visitors alike.
  • Reduce data costs for Tourists to encourage them to spend more on local attractions.
  • Through free WiFi better promote local tourist attractions and community offerings.

How we Support Smart Cities.

  • Provide a legal and content filtered WiFi solution, in order to be family friendly.
  • Provide a fast solution that the Smart City can provide for free [or for a small fee] that supports streaming.
  • After a simple Social networks or short form login, users can catch up on emails, update social networks and like and recommend local Smart City attractions.
  • The Smart City can better promote local offers and attract visitors to stay longer and bring additional revenue to local Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Pubs & Bars and Tourist Operators.
  • Tailored to behaviour patterns, discounted entries can be offered to local sites and attractions encouraging local commerce to support and promote the Smart City initiatives.

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