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Retail & Malls

For retail stores and shopping malls, GoCloudWiFi facilitates a greater understanding of customer behaviour in store. Our solution can assist in optimisation of store space and store planning, utilising our way finding option, customers can easily pinpoint where in the mall they are going to meet with friends or to find that unique store way down the back.

We embrace the concept of showrooms which allows all the retail stores in your mall to be able to interact with customers using GoCloudWiFi and as well as promoting the overall Mall they are able to promote their brand in their store.

Whether you are a standalone retail store looking for a ready solution just for you, or a large shopping mall with hundreds of outlets we can bring considerable value in enhancing your customer’s instore experience. We can pinpoint customer’s exact locations and even trigger a personal offer directly to their mobile phone.

How can Retail & Malls monetise WiFi?

Personalised offers - Access to real-time marketing information means that retailers can personalise the offers and vouchers sent out to customers in store. Offers can be sent out in real time (as the customer is physically browsing in store) or used as a way to incentivise the customer to return. For example, a clothing retailer could offer a discount on purchases made during a subsequent visit.

Actionable insight - Our reporting engine is like Google Analytics for your stores. Find out who is shopping, how long they stay, and how often they return, and details of their demographics.

Access posts - 50%+ of people choose to automatically post a message about your brand when logging on through their social media accounts. Retailers can customise posts according to the store and current offers. This is a powerful marketing tool, as each person’s network of friends will then see the post.

Loyalty card customers - Ask customers to add in their card number for additional offers, allowing you to tie in online data with instore data even further, providing tailored benefits to your customers.

Sponsored WiFi - Brands can offer their partners sponsorship of the WiFi service, and/or advertising space on branded areas, landing pages and in store or subsequent emails.

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